Welcome to the official site of Remo Fuiano, illustrator and cartoonist

Remo Fuiano
 is an illustrator and cartoonist, his main collaborations have been : Rai 4, Repubblica, Commissione Europea, Unione Europea, Mescal music, Istituto luce, i Frame, Amnesty International, Edizioni La Meridiana, Libera, Moge Art Group, Nicola Pesce Editore, Regione Puglia, AAA Copywriter Economy Press International, Hype Italy, Hype Berlin.

He made exclusive drawings for famous Italian singers and from his early years he has been colouring comics for some American mainstream comics.

He has written and drawn a lot of comic books for Italian and International market.

He wrote and drew a dozen of comic books: from the satirical and erotic Secsi Irina to graphic novels about Sacco&Vanzetti  and Frederick II of Hohenstaufen, also distributed outside the Italian borders  throughout Europe and with an appreciation of the European parliamentary members in Bruxelles.

His works are the subject of a thesis at “ Le Sorbonne in Paris.”

He has published his graphic novel Rasputin in the USA.

He made drawings for the movie “La morte legale” (The Legal Death) which tells the genesis of Sacco e Vanzetti Movie by Giuliano Montaldo.

Services:  illustrations, comic books, portraits; further the artistic and graphic activity he has made model sheets for animations, character design, cartoons, comic book workshops, communication and advertising.

He has exposed his works in Italy, Germany, Spain, Guatemala, Iran and Cinecitta’.